Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shakira aided by psychologist

Shakira seems one of those women who may never have problems with themselves and others, but here it is not so.
In an interview for the magazine "You", Beauty Columbian rarely speaks as for herself. "Only now we understand how vulgar. Me likes to have a map because my psikikes can forgive myself and be cheaper. Freedom and happiness, "says singer.
Further, it added that meetings with the psychologist to have served himself better known. "I am romantic, but at the same time embarrassing," said 32-year-old, which adds to the humor that likes to do more shopping to help the economy.
"Me likes to do things that a girl in my age makes, jogga, running in the park and watching movies really strong. At first we felt guilty. I am a devout Catholic, but today the way I see things is very different. Even fixing to do my shopping is now a thing of the past. I do only to help the world economy was experiencing a difficult period, "she concludes.

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