Sunday, January 31, 2010

Internet threatens relations between China and U.S.

Beijing did not welcome the intervention of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton against censorship on the Internet, action taken recently by the Chinese government against search engine Google.
Through an official announcement on the website, the Chinese Foreign Ministry defines "harmful" to U.S. interference relations between two countries. "I ask the United States to respect facts and end use of the so-called freedom on the Internet to make unfounded accusations. Internet in China is open and are the most active in the further development of the network. At the end of last year's Chinese Internet citizens (netizens) caught the figure of 384 million, while the site are 3.86 million and 180 million blogs. Beijing leads the internet in accordance with its laws and international practices "press release ends Foreign Ministry and adds that he hopes U.S. leaders to respect the commitments relevant to the development of bilateral relations. Beijing official's response comes after American speech Secretary of State for information policy after Google threatened to withdraw from China due to the interference of hackers and Asian state censorship. Clinton urged Beijing investigation "transparent and deep" about the search engine charges. "The countries that restrict free access to information or that violate basic rights of Internet users outside jeopardize progress of the century" Clinton has indicated, while China also cited except Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam while threatened with 'consequences' those who seek to limit freedom on the Internet.

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