Friday, February 5, 2010

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Mourinho warns his rebellious son..

Mario Balotelli, Inter football player përton not be bullied by coach Mourinho.

He again had conflict with coach and it also has emerged in the media spotlight Italian. Balotelli is not strong temperament and patience. Balotelli firm that does not upset words trainer or someone else, but is used not forgive anyone had it or not guilty.

And this time it was that José Mourinho has "withdrawn wear" rebellious son, after he refused to return to protection during the execution of a corner kick by Fiorentinës to match the Italian Cup semifinals.

"Mario has the duty to safeguard and nothing to prevent back. In my schemes footballers should always protect even if they have problems. Previously should be protected and then come across other issues. The team is more important than githçka. If Balotelli is jumpy, this is his problem, I am the coach that decides on changes. Church needs more consistently and with Pandev Milito are more intelligent to keep the ball as much in control, "said Mourinoho.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Samsung has introduced a fotoaparat highlight, it CL80.

This model characterizes the 14 Megapixel sensor, optical picture stabilization and 3.7 inçësh AMOLED screen sensitive to touch.
Other features include video recording of 720p materials, access for microSD memory card, USB 2.0 connection and optical zoomi sevenfold.
Features of Instant Upload enables its users to video-recordings of their service charge in Facebook, Flickr, Photobox, Picasa and YouTube.
More information on this device will offer us his company Nokia, which is expected to formally present this fotoaparat electronics fair in spending among CES next month.

Snow paralyzes Germany!

The major reshurat snow and polar temperatures caused traffic chaos in some parts of Germany where rail traffic was halted, while road accidents are recorded hundreds.
Only in the Vestfalisë landi in last 24 hours are 2100 registered traffic accidents, have lost their lives while at least three people.
No improvement of weather predictions, and meteorologists say that Tuesday's expected of new snow precipitation and temperatures below zero degrees.

Russian police distribute opposition protests

Russian Police has distributed dozens of anti-government protesters, including one opposition leader, Boris Nemcova.At least 100 people gathered to protest the Kremlin campaign that removed the constitutional right to peaceful protest.Nemcova, former deputy prime minister, is leading the opposition group "Solidarity", and one of the most severe critics of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Six explosions shake Baghdad!

Six explosions rocked Baghdad today have left at least 11 injured, mostly Shia Muslims. Police said three bombs struck a Shiite paralagje capital today morning. Later, two bombs and a grenade exploded craft in the city, injuring three people.The blasts occurred at a time when lawmakers pledged to take tougher actions if detected corruption in contracts for the purchase of equipment to detect bombs.

World Economic Forum in Davos with a clear message - has begun a new era

List of business and government from around the world përmbyllën five day rally Sunday with broad dakordim the economy is experiencing fragile recovery, but there was no consensus on what to do to support job growth and prevent a merger Another global economy. However, the annual meeting concluded with a few new plans or achievements to be true.

World Economic Forum in Davos that ends with 31.1. emerge new phenomenon. Bankers resisting plans to regulate the banking systems in developing countries gain a different weight
In fact, that as always. Economic Forum in the Swiss mountains again attracted many heads of state and government leaders and hundreds of managers. They discussed in many organizations, panels and groups, many linked reception and celebration and initiated business contacts.
Was found again a sublime motto. Because it belongs to the World Economic Forum: To rimenduar, restructure and renew the world. No more and no less had dictated Forum founder Klaus Schwab of nearly 2500 participants from around the world through translation devices in their earphones hearing.
And yet something was different in the second year after the dramatic financial and economic crisis. In 2010 for example came in Davos many bankers managing more funds than in 2009. In the drawing out and they asked almost humbly after kulisave expensive luxury hotel allies in the war against Barack Obama's plans for reform. They resist sharing ordered by the state of banking services to clients and investments.
Policy will not know about this. In the absence of U.S. President's role of moral preachers took France's President Nicolas Sarkozy. He lashed out with clear words. This is new in Davos in comparison with previous years.