Friday, February 5, 2010

Mourinho warns his rebellious son..

Mario Balotelli, Inter football player përton not be bullied by coach Mourinho.

He again had conflict with coach and it also has emerged in the media spotlight Italian. Balotelli is not strong temperament and patience. Balotelli firm that does not upset words trainer or someone else, but is used not forgive anyone had it or not guilty.

And this time it was that José Mourinho has "withdrawn wear" rebellious son, after he refused to return to protection during the execution of a corner kick by Fiorentinës to match the Italian Cup semifinals.

"Mario has the duty to safeguard and nothing to prevent back. In my schemes footballers should always protect even if they have problems. Previously should be protected and then come across other issues. The team is more important than githçka. If Balotelli is jumpy, this is his problem, I am the coach that decides on changes. Church needs more consistently and with Pandev Milito are more intelligent to keep the ball as much in control, "said Mourinoho.
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