Sunday, January 31, 2010

Black holes are closer to Earth than thought

Astronomers for the first time precisely measured distance between Earth and a black hole, with a result that is very close.

Object, which is supposed black hole, named V404 Cygnus is located 7 800 light years from Earth, ie half the distance previously assumed.

This data set relatively close to the black hole Earth, because the distance from the center of the galaxy is about 26 000 light years, and the nearest star the sun is 4.2 light years away.

The precise distance measurements will allow you to create a better picture of the evolution of black holes, said the team responsible for this research. "We hope that we will be able to give answer
in issues regarding whether there is a difference between black holes, which has evolved directly from the collapse of a star and black holes that evolved through the supernova and star of temporary transitional "says Peter Jonker Institute in Space Research SRON Netherlands.

Jonker and his team handicap distance from black holes to help emetimimeve radio rays from the object and concluded that he belongs to a group of so-called stars who die.

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